Our Drinks

When it comes to locally-produced drinks, you simply can’t get any better than Bealim House, where customers can enjoy Newcastle Gin distilled on the premises. Newcastle Gin is a drink, produced by Bealim House.

The gin still – an 8ft tall, 400 litre receptacle, hand-beaten in Portugal – can be seen while you sip your gin and sample some of the gastro food tapas on offer in the bar.

Each batch of Newcastle Gin, which has hibiscus tones, is created over two days. The ‘hard’ botanicals are added to alcohol first for 48 hours, then the ‘soft’ ones are mixed in before the five-hour distilling process begins.

View our extensive drinks menu which includes our on-site ‘hibiscus’ Gin, as well as a range of delicious cocktails, fine wines and bottled beer.